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Our Staff

Valeria Raquel Maqueda

Valeria is a dedicated pianist and music educator whose musical journey began at the tender age of four. Under the guidance of Karina Liberatore, she achieved Level 5 in Piano and Piano Fundamentals at Yamaha Music Education, laying a strong foundation for her musical endeavors.

With a passion for teaching, Valeria has experience working with students of diverse ages (including kindergarten children) and is devoted to creating a supportive environment for their musical growth. Drawing from her belief in music's transformative power, she aims to sow confidence and creativity in her students through the joy of playing the piano.

Valeria's musical experience is diverse, spanning participation in disco and rock bands to exploring various dance forms such as ballet, contemporary and tango. In addition to her piano skills, Valeria enjoys accompanying her voice with the guitar, delving into the intricate emotions that music evokes.

Furthermore, Valeria pursued further education and attained a Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Buenos Aires and is a Therapeutic Companion. She immersed herself in the Music Therapy choir during her academic journey, further enhancing her understanding of the therapeutic aspects of music.

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