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Music Lessons

Our Approach


At Banyule Music and Tutoring, we cater to the needs of students of all ages and incorporate various teaching methods. Each student is unique and our teachers are careful to recognise their strengths and apply the appropriate method. Some students work best with aural interpretation, whereas others may prefer a tactile approach that employs percussion. Importantly, we aim to make the most of a student’s abilities to help them overcome their challenges.


Music is both an outlet and opportunity for self-improvement toward being a well-rounded musician and individual. We also encourage creativity and collaboration with other budding musicians, particularly through group ensembles and bands.


Above all, our approach to teaching is one that aims to help students develop endurance, self-mastery, creativity, sensitivity, cooperation and appreciation for all aspects of music.


Our Methods


For younger students (3-8), the Suzuki program is encouraged as it simplifies musical theory and notation into a system that mostly employs numbers and colours. Students are also encouraged with the use of games, percussion and kinesis. Above all, the best way to learn is to through fun and play!


From the age of 6 onwards, students are encouraged to learn music theory and to put these skills to use creatively. Examples of the syllabus we use are the ‘Theory Made Easy’ and ‘My First Theory’ series by Lina Ng. Through learning theory, students are also provided with the tools to compose and improvise. At Banyule Music and Tutoring, we feel that these facets of music needn’t be daunting and aim to help students use music to express themselves.


We are able to facilitate lessons within the AMEB Syllabus for both classical and contemporary styles. Depending on the needs of a student, methods including but not limited to Suzuki, Alfred, Bastien, Poco Piano and John Thompson can be used solely or in concordance with the requirements of AMEB.

We recognise our music students’ development and personal achievements by supporting them in performances and participation in AMEB exams. Our spacious facilities and grand piano provide students with the chance to perform before their peers, parents and friends in an encouraging environment using professional equipment. Performing and taking exams are a useful benchmark for students to measure their own personal improvement, increase their self-confidence and experience the joy of sharing music.


AMEB has also introduced the Rock School program to give students a series of checkpoints that encourage their interest in contemporary styles while maintaining technical skills and music theory. guide them through their. Along with learning popular songs by an eclectic range of artists such as Ray Charles, Metallica, Beyonce and Coldplay, students are also tested on their improvisational and aural skills. In our experience, music has proven to help students through their own personal challenges.


Should you find that perhaps an instrument isn’t quite for you, there are other great options provided at Banyule Music and Tutoring to keep you in touch with music. We cater for all styles, needs and abilities.

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