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Tutoring Services

Banyule Music and Tutoring provides tutoring specialising in Physics, Mathematics subjects, English and Literature at primary and secondary levels. We cater for students of all abilities and needs and are passionate about helping each student find the best in themselves. 


Our dedicated teachers have worked in various capacities within the music and education industries, giving students an opportunity to learn from professionals with real-world experience. They combine their wealth of knowledge and considerable skillset with a passion and enthusiasm for mentoring. 


Our students are tutored in a manner than encourages them to think critically and solve problems, rather than take given answers and learn by rote. As we also specialise in music tuition, we believe that music can also be used to support this style of learning. It has been proven by various studies that learning music has a positive connection to improving in numeracy and literacy. As well as aiming to help our students achieve the results they need, our teachers also illustrate the practical applications of their knowledge and often, this knowledge works together with music. At Banyule Music and Tutoring, we aim to make the most of this connection for students who may need it.


Above all, our approach to teaching aims to help our students develop a sense of achievement and confidence.

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