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Online Lessons

We understand that it may not be possible for all of our students to attend our spacious and hygienic facilities which features a range of quality instruments. With that said, Daniel Tucceri has had years of experience in administering online lessons to students in different parts of the world. 

Online lessons are a great way to maintain lessons, should life throw any surprises your way. Car broken down? Feeling a little under the weather? No need to worry; we have you covered with our online lessons and we've made it our policy that the first one is free-of-charge. It's only fair that we are able to arrange the set-up that is right for you so that we can maintain our high quality service and value for money. 


Q. Do you charge the same amount for online lessons?

A. Definitely not. While we aim to deliver the same high quality service we always have, we feel it is fair to offer online lessons at a reduced price. Part of the appeal for lessons on our premises is the opportunity to use a high quality baby grand piano and some of the best guitars you can possibly learn on. Visit this link to inspect our range of prices!

Q. What app should I use?

A. We generally favour Facetime or Skype, with Zoom a close second. We are always on hand and contactable should face any difficulties with installing or using these apps- it's part of the service!

Q. What if I don't know how to set up for an online lesson?

A. That's okay! We have had plenty of experience making sure the camera set-up gives us the best opportunity to teach and for you to learn. This is why we provide the first lesson free of charge!

Q. Wait, the first lesson's actually free?!

A. Of course! We have always offered that to new customers, but the same applies for an online lesson with an existing customer. We are a family business and we are all about fairness. 

Q. What if something goes wrong, like the internet cutting out, or a flat battery?

A. Where we aim to prepare as best as possible, we would want to encourage all of our students to do likewise. It holds that if circumstances beyond your control disrupt the lesson, like internet, hardware or power failure, we will happily add time to the next lesson or refund you if necessary. However, we can't provide the same offer if you've let your battery run low! 

Q. How can I keep track of lessons and instructions?

A. At the conclusion of every lesson, we will email you a summary of the main points of the lesson so you can continue to get the most out of your lessons, even without a diary. In terms of sheet music, we generally require a photo taken and emailed to us in advance of the lesson so we can be as prepared as possible to administer the lesson efficiently.

Q. And... are they still fun?

A. You'd be surprised. Some of our most enjoyable lessons have been held online. What could be more mindblowing than having a jam session suburbs and kilometres apart?! Check out our Instagram page to see what we're talking about.

Q. Okay... so where do I book?

A. Right here for your free half hour trial

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