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Our Staff

Sasha Braganca

Sasha is a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano before she could talk. She was accepted into the Piano program at Melbourne University, while working with Professor Linda Kouvaras and Professor Elizabeth Mitchell.


Sasha aims to create a supportive and nurturing environment for students to develop their own musical exploration and appreciation to the intricacies of musical styles and pieces. She encourages ways to develop independent learning and problem solving, with an interest in classical and 20th century styles of piano.


Sasha also has years of experience playing alto saxophone, and can assist students in beginning their journey playing violin and guitar. She has an interest in classical, gypsy/folk, world music on the violin and a varied range of genres on the alto saxophone and guitar. Sasha wishes to continue to empower each students with their own unique musical journey.

Sasha is also dedicated to working within the disability sector, working as a sessional trainer and support in wellbeing, community, life skills and creativity.  She is currently completing her bachelor in psychological science, and continues to engage in creative projects in various mediums and instruments.

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