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Banyule Music and Tutoring is a unique facility located in the heart of Viewbank offering tuition in music and tutoring in a variety of disciplines. It is a family run business founded by Daniel Tucceri, a professional musician of seventeen years experience and graduate in Science and Arts of the University of Melbourne. We provide tuition inclusive to students of all abilities and requirements.

Music lessons are provided for the following popular instruments:

  • Piano (classical and contemporary)

  • Guitar (classical and contemporary)

  • Bass (electric, all styles)

  • Drums (includes tuned, auxiliary and hand percussion, all styles)

  • Violin 

  • Clarinet 

  • Ukelele


Students of all ages are welcome, with our experience with students

ranging from 4-88 years of age.


Tutoring is provided for the following subjects:

  • Mathematics (Further Maths, Methods and Specialist)

  • Physics 

  • English (Literature included)

  • Humanities

  • Essay help


We provide tutoring for Primary and Secondary students.

Mission Statement

At Banyule Music and Tutoring, we offer music tuition and tutoring for all ages, abilities and purposes. We aim to help each student achieve their personal best and enjoy music and their studies as they would like it. Our goal is to teach in a manner that is tailored to each students needs and encourage them to build confidence through solo and group performance. Importantly, we hope to inspire our students and mentor them through their musical journey.

Patience and discipline with a long term goal in mind are the key values we instil within our students. Importantly, music is about having fun and Banyule Music and Tutoring provides a friendly, welcoming and relaxed environment to either start or advance your musical pursuits.


We are passionate about helping students improve upon their abilities and learn new skills in a manner best suited to them. Building a rapport with the pupil and having parental involvement are important to us, especially when giving students the opportunity to perform and achieve the results they desire.


We believe in offering high quality facilities and equipment in conjunction with contemporary and traditional teaching methods to bring out the best in each student. For us, teaching is a rewarding profession that goes beyond imparting knowledge and skills. It is an opportunity to help students thrive with their abilities and find confidence within themselves. The role of the teacher is to support and help the student confront challenges and fears, as well as achieve a sense of pride and gratification in their work.


We consider it a genuine privilege to be a part of our students lives and to be entrusted with their musical development.


"As a Music Tutor, Dan always put his students first tailoring his music lessons to each students needs and their interests. He had a great pride in his students and their varied successes. I recall one success story when Daniel arranged for one of his promising young drum kit students to perform with him at one of his live music gigs. Reports came back that the student had an amazing time and that many of Dan’s peers were incredibly impressed with the young students skills"- Charlie D. Barkle, entertainer

"Daniel is a great teacher and his students always love the experience of learning from him. I know, I used to be Daniel's boss at Piano Time. In my 40 odd years of owning music schools, Daniel is one of the best teachers I ever worked with"- John Martin, CEO of Wertheim Pianos Australia

"Daniel is an excellent and proficient pianist with good technical knowledge and capabilities on other instruments. He also possesses a calm nature and a genuine enthusiasm for music in general. I can only recommend Daniel most highly to anyone requiring his musical services."- Mick Harvey, solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and PJ Harvey and film composer.

"I found Daniel's gentle and caring temperament combined with his obvious talent, enthusiasm for and technical understanding of Music theory a very inspiring & conducive experience for unlocking the mysteries of Music and its practical applications.  Daniel seems naturally suited to guiding others through this process, and I would highly recommend employing his service."- JP Shilo, solo artist, multi-instrumentalist with Rowland S. Howard, Hungry Ghosts, Blackeyed Susans

"Learning a musical instrument can be very challenging and frustrating but Daniel has the ability to connect in really well with his students ensuring that he creates just the right tension to draw out their best work, whilst still gaining their respect. Daniel is empathetic, patient, and passionate about his students’ growth."- Mary Croxford

"I cannot stress enough the passion and drive Daniel has shown in making sure that the kids learning music through him stay interested by listening to their interest in music and adjusting his teaching style accordingly. He is also a very pleasant person to deal with and has a very high level or maturity and emotional intelligence."- Simon Abraham

"Dan has been teaching my son guitar for almost two years. He is a skilled, knowledgable musician who, as well as teaching how to play, has imparted his love of music and the guitar. He is a kind, patient, motivational and fun teacher who really connects with his students to get the best out of them. I can highly recommend Dan as a great guitar teacher."- Bhupinder Tumber


"Dan is an awesome music teacher- our 5-year-old daughter warmed to him immediately. He had her trying a bunch of instruments in the first session (from drums to guitar and even violin) to see which one she preferred. She settled on piano and Dan had her playing songs with both hands in no time. He also made theory enjoyable, and our daughter was writing songs after only a few months! We cannot recommend Dan highly enough."- Andrew Hardidge


"Our 12 year old son picked up the drums as a new instrument less than 12 months ago and commenced private lessons with Daniel. As well as learning drumming basics and learning songs for fun, within 6 months Daniel had prepared him very well for his first AMEB exam which he excelled in. He is now taking these musical skills into high school and will continue to study drums and perform in school ensembles. Daniel is passionate about the drums and has a wide knowledge of the instrument that he demonstrates well in both practice and in theory."- Sally Davison


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