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Our Staff

Bob Yang

Bob is a pianist and musician with 14 years of experience, starting from the age of 5.


His musical journey began in Perth where he was born and raised, playing and completing the AMEB syllabus exams, before being accepted to the prestigious Melbourne Conservatorium of Music in the University of Melbourne, where he currently is completing his undergraduate study in music. Throughout Bob's musical career, he has entered and placed in several competitions, also exploring the creative aspects of music through composition.


Being Australian-Born with Chinese heritage, Bob learned and spoke Mandarin from a young age and is fluent in Mandarin as well as English. 

Having had experience in teaching students from a diverse age range and skill levels in multiple disciplines (Math, English and Music), Bobby aims to create a healthy, fun and educative teaching environment, where students are able to comfortably express their artistic style and develop into capable musicians.

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