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Taelin Ku

Taelin is a patient musician who places great emphasis on integrating a strong technical foundation with musical interpretation. He finds music as a great way to appreciate having a long-term goal and the joy of personal achievement. With such passion for piano, he attained grade 8 ABRSM and a performance diploma in piano from Trinity College London.

Taelin is also a responsible leader who has been the chairman and the principal trumpeter in his symphonic band throughout his secondary and high school. He represented the school with his band at SYF arts presentation to obtain Certification of Distinction. He also organised annual concerts such as Vivezza (2019) and Open House (2019). With his experience making music with musicians of different backgrounds, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences to those who are eager to learn.

Taelin was also accepted into the Singapore National Youth Orchestra in 2012 as a percussionist. Under this National Project of Excellence,he participated in numerous concerts, workshops and an exchange trip to Kuala Lumpur. For his commitment to the SNYO, he has received the 5 y
ears long service award in 2019.

With these diverse experiences, Taelin aims to guide the students to find their own reasons to love music and strengthen their ability!

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