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Our Staff

Sam Lawrence




Sam has had a life full of music, which has specifically included song-writing and performing in ensembles and solo, along with his constant study of piano and voice across cultures of music, undertaking tuition in Western Classical, Jazz, and Indian Classical. Sam Lawrence is also a current student of piano at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.


Prior to enrolling at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Sam sought private tuition in jazz piano, taking lessons from some notable names in the national and international jazz piano field, including Barney McAll and Steve Sedergreen. 

Sam’s interest in the music of J.S.Bach also drove him to take a year of tuition under classical pianist, Danae Killian, a former Melbourne Conservatorium educator and locally renowned performer.

Sam also travelled to India for three months, where he spent much of his time learning Indian Classical music, specifically in voice. While in India, Sam also taught himself the guitar and wrote several songs, which he recorded and performed when he returned to Melbourne.

Sam has written and performed his own music for many years and has had some success, including a nation wide tour supporting pop singer Kimbra, with whom he also sang a duet that was released on her debut album.

Sam has a combined interest in the continual study of music, while advancing his expertise as a performing musician, and not least facilitating budding musicians in their passion for the music that they love!

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