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Our Staff

Mia Huynh


Born in Vietnam, Mia is a pianist who has been playing since the age of 8 and has half a decade of experience accompanying school bands and soloists. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Vietnamese, Mia is particularly interested in exploring music from as many different cultures as she can find. Her piano repertoire ranges from traditional fine music to modern and world music. 

Mia was raised on traditional Vietnamese music, but fell in love with classical and contemporary styles when she had her first piano lessons. Some of her favourite artists are Lady GagaHalsey and Rita Ora, while her favourite pieces to play on the piano are by Chopin and Liszt. 

Playing at ABRSM Grade 8 Piano and Music Theory levels, you can be assured that Mia will be able to take your understanding of music further with her skilful approach!




Tian is also available for tutoring primary and secondary students

in mathematics and English.

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