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Our Staff


Jack has been playing drums since the age of 14. He has had 8 years’ experience of playing solo and with ensembles in a variety of musical contexts. In 2020 Jack graduated with a Diploma of Music Industry (Music Performance) from Melbourne Polytechnic which further broadened his keen interest in exploring many different musical styles and developed his understanding of music theory and composition. A substantial part of the course involved rehearsing and performing pieces in group ensembles while covering many different genres, the experience of connecting with different musicians and working together to create performances was invaluable and Jack understands that playing with other musicians and communicating with them this way is an incredibly important part of learning your instrument.


Jack learned under the tutelage of Tim Burnham (Lloyd Spiegel, Backwood Creatures) who instilled in him a sense of musicality and connection when playing with bandmates. During his Diploma he also learned from Gerry Pantazis (Tommy Emmanuel, The Seekers, Olivia Newton-John) who is an accomplished professional drummer and teacher who helped Jack further refine his technique and learn many new ways of putting beats together.


Jack is a fan of rock, jazz, funk, heavy metal and everything in between. While Jack can teach these styles and techniques, he is an expert in tailoring lessons to the interests and passions of the student and loves keeping his students engaged. Jack is also self-taught on guitar, keys and bass and can accompany you as you play for a more immersive experience.

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